Bandana says “It’s the hunger to reach the zenith which ignites your fire to get out from the crowd and prove yourself in a positive manner and it is not your dream which keeps you alive but it is you which never let your dream die” ……

I am Bandana Gupta from Bishnah, Jammu. My father, Ashok Gupta works as a labourer in Bari Brahmana Glass Factory and my mother is a homemaker. Belonging to the labour class, I had to limit my dreams. I could manage my studies upto 10th standard owing to the poor condition of the family. Sitting idle at home, I became a bit frustrated and was depressed too; I always used to think how I could help my family and uplift their living standards. I even looked up for some vocational training courses, but high admission fee being charged , holded me back.


I was not finding any way out that could put an end to our miseries. Finally, one of the days, when I was at my friend’s house, I heard some noise in the street and when I came out I saw a group of people making some announcement about the project HIMAYAT , an initiative by MoRD, that not only offers free three months skill training but also lends a helping hand by placing the students in the entry level job market after the completion of the training. I could see this as a ramp on which I could take myself further and give my dreams a new level.


I was really happy to know about this program since it was something exactly that I was looking for. Knowing that such training is starting under Himayat at DB Tech, Bishnah, I visited the centre , got the information regarding the whole project and thereafter , I completed all the formalities which were required to join the training . Among three domains , I preferred hospitality domain and with the help of proper guidance from my facilitators , I was allotted the same domain. During the induction programme at the beginning of the training, I used to feel shy and could not speak infront of people. But I realized that with the help of the training, I was gaining confidence day by day. Within a couple of days I could feel changes in me , which were positive in all the respects , according to my trainers and sooner they helped me realize my own hidden potential.


Getting skilled in my domain helped me face the outer world with a sense of pride and respect. “Kuch to log kahenge , logon ka kaam hai kehna” is a well known and commonly used hindi phrase , but I had never thought of facing the same situation . Our “so-called” well-wishers are the ones who hit us hard on our back. I had to hear a lot of abuses and harsh sayings, but then, had to ignore their views as I had to earn and sustain my family. Finally, after the completion of my training, I got selected in KC Residency Hotel for its Housekeeping section at a monthly salary of Rs. 1500 + food and accommodation. Getting this job made me feel lucky. I continued there for a long time, and received a favorable hike in the salary which today amounts to Rs. 6000 + food and accommodation per month. My life has changed a lot with this programme which had been initiated by MORD “Himayat” and I advice every unemployed youth to join it.


Firdous Akhter

Firdous Akhter belongs to a below poverty line family in a small village called Kotli Pain in Garhi area of Udhampur district. The family is backward and extremely orthodox where girl child is seen as a liability and a burden. The only endeavour of the parents is to somehow arrange a marriage and be done with the responsibility. She had to abandon her education and join the family in running little household chores and collecting wood from the jungle. The life for Firdous was drab and dull.

During one of the mobilisation campaign rallies by IL&FS Education in Udhampur Firdous learnt about Government of India’s Project HIMAYAT that seeks to empower and employ the unemployed youth. She was very excited at the thought of getting free training and the dream of getting a job. She discussed the prospects with her parents, who flatly refused. The very thought of their daughter moving out of Jammu and Kashmir for a job made them feel uneasy. However after explaining every detail about the Project to her parents and with constant reassurances from the IL&FS team of trainers and coordinators, Firdous’s parents relented and allowed their child join the training at the Udhampur Centre of Project HIMAYAT run by IL&FS in Feb 2012.

During the training Firdous showed promise and keen interest to learn. Her self confidence levels started showing an upward movement. She started asserting herself and soon she became the talk of the Centre for her keen intellect and the willingness to learn. Her spoken functional English improved vastly as compared to the level that she was at when she joined the Centre. Consequent to completion of training, Firdous landed a job in Livewire BPO in East of Kailash in Delhi.

Now after completing her BPO training in HIMAYAT center, she first got placed in Live wire Call center in East of Kailash, in New Delhi with a fairly good salary. However with her networking ability and the good uptake in BPO work, she shifted to Jindal Telecom Call Centre at Moti Nagar in New Delhi where she is drawing a handsome salary of Rs. 10000/- a month. It has been great leap for Firdous from the dusty sleepy village in Udhampur to hustle bustle of New Delhi. What a cultural and economic event it must be for Firdous.

Says Firdous:

“Ministry of Rural Development through Project “Himayat” run by IL&FS has changed my life so dramatically that I could never imagine. From the abject poverty and wretchedness of the village life, where it was only abuses and obstacles, today I am proud to say that it is me who now supports the family. My income has brought smile on my poor mother’s face and my siblings feel so proud of my achievement. I tell everyone who comes in my contact to enrol in Project HIMAYAT if you wish to make some sense of your life. There are so many poor girls and boys wasting their lives in the rural areas of the State of Jammu and Kashmir and falling prey to all kinds of vices because of unemployment. I tell them to look at me and come and change your life.” The crowning glory of Firdous’s career was the interview by the McKinsey’s team recently in New Delhi who were conducting a survey of the unemployment trends and the skills being provided by various governments around the world to alleviate the lot of their poor for the Davos World Economic Summit held in early 2013. Firdous was amazingly articulate in her interview. It was indeed a scintillating event for IL&FS Education who trained this girl for Project HIMAYAT.
Firdous narrating her experiences at a MoRD sponsored conclave in Chandigarh to Governor of Pun jab and other dignitaries in Sep 2012

Firdous further says that her family was blown out of their minds when she brought home a refrigerator,a colour TV set, an electric cooker and an induction stove. They couldn’t believe their eyes. It was an event celebrated in their small village by offering a feast to the people visiting Firdous’s home to see the goodies. Firdous’s success story has been a catalyst for other unemployed youth of the area. Many joined with Firdous’s reference and are since working in many cities across India. Firdous has thus become a true brand ambassador of Project HIMAYAT. In Firdous’s own words: “We need to change the mind-set of the people. Age old superstitious practices can be overcome through the social interventionsidentical to the kind of initiatives that the Government of India is taking through Ministry of Rural Development. I must thank IL&FS for the success I have achieved in my life because the anxiety of those initial days of uncertainty in Delhi was overcome only with the patient and constant handholding by their staff and trainers”.

Geeta Devi

Geeta shares “Everyone sees the dream and want to fly, its Himayat which gave wings to my dreams and finally I reached to some position from where I can help my family and I hope this process remains endless, so that this project will enlighten every home”.

Belonging to a poor family from Bishnah,Jammu, my life has shaped up in the same manner. My name is Geeta Devi. My father, the only male member in the family, is a daily wage worker looking after the complete family. We are four sisters and I am the eldest. Being financially not well, I had to give up my dream of higher studies and had to start stitching clothes as I wanted to help my father in surviving my family. But it couldn’t work out well as it was not a permanent source of income and the condition of the family was degrading day by day due to poverty.

Poverty and Hunger are the main problems in our country, some fight against them and some surrender. It is our courage and will power, how we survive in these conditions and emerge out as a winner. It’s generally the poor results which limit us to put in some more efforts. But if the spirits are high, no one can dare to snatch our success from us. It is the time and luck which take time to click at the same time and what makes them click are our dedication and determination.


One day, DB Tech staff visited our village with a view to aware the people about the HIMAYAT Project being run by MoRD and the benefits provided by the same. The very next day, I went to DB Tech, Bishnah to get the complete information about the programme. Learning that the training will be provided free of cost, I decided to join the Hospitality course. It was a whole new experience for me in the training centre and during induction I enjoyed myself by participating in so many activities. The induction programme helped me to get to know myself. In classes I learned so many things related to my sector and other supporting classes also helped me a lot in grooming my personality.

It was really not easy for me to take the decision of doing a job as we are socially bound to remain within the four walls of our homes. But it is fact that today’s scenario is not the same as it was some few years back. I never wanted my father to feel the lack of having a son who could help him in his bad days. So, being the eldest daughter of the family, it was my responsibility to lend a helping hand in sustaining the family well.

The skill training I received under Himayat raised my bars and I got selected at Pizza Hut, Jammu as a Team Member with a monthly salary of Rs 4000. My performance is also up to the expectations of my seniors. I interact with different types of customers and learn a lot of things daily from my seniors, juniors and esteemed customers. Today, I am earning Rs 7000. With a feeling that my future is secure, now I can improve the financial condition of my family as I am now able to earn a livelihood for myself as well as my family.

I really appreciate Himayat for providing this skilled training to the unemployed youth, like me, for up-lifting the society. DB Tech, Bishnah has come as a ray of hope for economically and socially backward students who find it difficult to continue their studies. I thank Ministry of Rural Development for giving my life a right direction & enhancing the future of many poor people along with me.

Before Training After Training

I really appreciate Himayat for providing this skilled training to the unemployed youth, like me, for up-lifting the society. DB Tech, Bishnah has come as a ray of hope for economically and socially backward students who find it difficult to continue their studies. I thank Ministry of Rural Development for giving my life a right direction & enhancing the future of many poor people along with me.


Rubeena Bano

Rubeena Bano belongs to a poor orthodox Muslim family from North Kashmir’s Baramulla district. Her father died of a brain hemorrhage leaving behind two year old Rubeena and another daughter one year elder to Rubeena. Because of the abject poverty in the family Rubeena was adopted by her grandfather, the only bread earner in the family. In 2006 Rubeena’s elder sister got married to a small shopkeeper who took it on himself to care of the large family of six members. Rubeena had seen only struggle, poverty and dependence ever since she was able to understand and sense the environment around her. However, her mother had decided that she must give formal education to her daughter no matter what that would cost. Accordingly, Rubeena completed her graduation from the local government college, and started looking for a job so as to be able to help the family financially. Says Rubeena: “I requested many relatives to help me in finding a job but all in vain”. In August 2011 Rubeena learnt about HIMAYAT programme being run by IL&FS and enrolled herself at their Baramulla Centre. 

According to her aptitude she was selected for BPO training. She showed keen interest in the training and soon stood out as a bright student absorbing necessary skills for the job. Accordingly after completing the training she was placed in Competent Synergies at Mohali. However back home Rubeena’s mother was worried about her daughter migrating to Chandigarh – Mohali for the job. But constant encouragement by the ILFS Team reassured her about her daughter’s safety and security and soon her fears were allayed. Rubeena along with other candidates was provided free of cost accommodation for the initial two months by IL&FS and the expenditure on travel, board and lodge along with some medical care too were borne by the Company.

From her childhood Rubeena had dreamed of watching her favourite cricketers playing live. Her wish came true at Mohali where Rubeena along with her other working colleagues from Baramulla got a chance to watch T-20 Cricket match in Mohali.

In her initial placement in Reliance BPO, Rubeena received a salary of Rs 4400.00 in hand. However after two months she was assisted by ILFS handholding coordinator at Mohali to take another interview with the Airtel BPO who paid a better salary of Rs. 5800.00 in hand. Being a bright candidate, Rubeena was selected and placed in the Airtel BPO.

The career counseling workshop conducted by the IL&FS in Mohali-Chandigarh was the best turning point for me to restart my studies as the counselors were very good and friendly who asked me to continue with higher studies as a distance student while also working in a job. Accordingly, during my vacation in the Valley I applied for admission to post graduate course in Kashmir University, for which I paid the fee from my own savings. Besides, I purchased dresses for my mother and other family members.


““I’m grateful to IL&FS and Project HIMAYAT for providing me the job and a chance to see the other parts of the country and the sort of facilitation which is available 24x7. I keep motivating my friends to join HIMAYAT so that their lives can also change for better like mine”.

Sonam chuzien

Ladakh is famous for its scenic views but who knows that the residents of the district face problems which are just beyond a normal person’s imagination like climate, transportation etc. But besides all these difficulties there was an aspiring girl from chuchot yogma village in leh, ladakh who had recently faced the most tragic moment that any person could just think of. She lost her mother. There are three members in her family- she herself, her father and her sister. Her father is a farmer whose annual income is about Rs. 40, 000 and her sister works as a household worker.

“I joined the BASE training without any hope but when I noticed a tremendous change in myself in the course of the training, I realised my potential and capabilities and thought that it is the best way I can overcome the miseries of my family. I really didn’t have the idea that this training will transform my life in such a positive manner.”

After her mother’s sad demise, she was sitting idle at home. One fine day while mobilizing in his area, representatives from DB Tech met her. They got to know about her family situation and they offered her to join DB Tech and get enrolled under HIMAYAT project. She found it really interesting and thus decided to join it.

It was not an easy decision to enroll for the training programme as the social restrictions were quite strong after her mother’s demise . She was told to stay back at home and involve herself with the household chores all the day long . She knew that every girl is supposed to be perfect in all those works , but she had made up her mind to pursue the training and to get placed as she wanted to earn and help her father and sister . Her father supported her firmly throughout the training and was focused to allow his daughter to live her dreams . And this became the motivational factor in her life .

As per her interest she got selected in tourism domain. During the induction programme she was happy to meet new people, she made some new friends. During the training, she learned several things such as, how to deal with customers, how to address oneself. The field assignments improved her way of thinking. She had groomed herself completely with the help of the skill training being provided by DB Tech in association with MoRD.

After completing her training with good score, she got placement in Competent Synergies located in Mohali at a monthly remuneration of Rs. 5100 and she is happily continuing with that.Everyone in the family is really happy with this achievement being made by her. Sonam say’s “Thank you DB Tech for doing this grand favour to me.


Mohan lal

I Mohan lal, a trainee of CRR (COSTUMER RELATIONSHIP AND RETAIL) belong to a poor family of a very remote village of Kishtwar .My father expired when I was a child. I have a mother and a younger sister in my family .I am the only bread winner of my family. I am differently abled as I have congenital absence of right hand .Despite hardships and physical handicap, I worked hard to survive and completed my school .After completing my school, I was looking for any source of income to support my family .In the mean time I came to know about Himayat.After joining Himayat I found a ray of hope for my future. In addition to learning soft skills and hard skills, Himayat provided me with financial support also. The program of Himayat is boon for the unemployed and helpless youth like me. The 5 months of training were very valuable for me. Before joining Himayat I was an introvert and had a low confidence due to the hardships of life. After joining Himayat my personality changed for better.


 Now I am known as a self confident and social person. After completing my 5 months CRR Training , Himayat has provided me with a job in Dish TV services and they are paying me a good salary. Now I am ready to support my family financially.Himayat has shown me the path to success and I have to go a long way.


Kulvinder Kumar

This case study is about a Trainee Named Kulvinder Singh,who belonged to a family where there were 5 members& his father was unable to fulfill the requirements of every member in family.Kulvinder wsa unable to pass his 12th exams.His father was unable to to bear his expenses for his further studies.His father had given up on him.he had lost hope of clearing his 12th after attempting 2 times.At that time he joined HImayat with a hope of succeeding in his life. After completing his training in Hospitality Services at Himayat center,he got selected in KFC Chandigarh.His batch mates who had also got jobs in Chandigarh,left the job&came back to Jammu. He still had faith in his abilities& he continued to work in KFC.Soon he got promoted there.Now he is very thankful to Himayat that he got this opportunity.




The Case study includes this time a girl who really hardworking and has made real effort and has distinguished herself in our eyes.The Name of the trainee is Arti Devi D/o Ganesh Dutt When she entered the she came from a very low back ground.But she had the hunger to learn more because of her effort and our Teaching and hard work being put by us on her really was really fruitfully.She got recruited in the AITPI(BPO) and because of her effort she got promoted in 5 months.To add to that she has also received certificates of Merit on the basis of her hard work and performance.Now,since she has got promoted and her incentives are Increasing month by month,she is contributing very efficiently towards her family as she comes from a family of 9 members.We belive that our efforts have really helped her to make her future secured and she is definitely one of the efficient student of our center.



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