Pro Active Disclosure of ‘Himayat’

Particulars of the organization, functions and duties

Himayat is a 100% centrally sponsored Skills and Placement Programme under the Ministry of Rural Development, within the National Rural Livelihood Mission specifically for residents of Jammu and Kashmir. The programme is implemented in the region by the Himayat Mission Management Unit (HMMU) based in Jammu and Kashmir.

The primary functions of the HMMU are:

1) Oversee and monitor the implementation of the Himayat Programme in Jammu and Kashmir

2) Set up and manage a Counseling-cum-Call Center, a Quality Cell, an Alumni Cell and a Placement Cell to enhance the reach and impact of the Himayat Programme

3) Setting up of a Himayat Facilitation Center in Chandigarh, India to provide facilitation support services to newly placed candidates in matters pertaining to finding accommodation, opening of bank accounts, counseling support etc.

4) Organize monthly meetings of PIAs and Sectoral Experts for appraisal of status of implementation and sharing of best practices

5) Organize stakeholder meetings in various districts of J&K to engage District Administration and local communities in the programme

6) Facilitate exposure visits for Government Officials, Gram Panchayat members and other stakeholders to Employment Generation and Marketing Mission (EGMM), Andhra Pradesh; Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP), Andhra
 Pradesh ;Jeevika, Bihar etc to learn from continuously evolving best practices

7) Conduct the physical monitoring of training centres on regular basis to bring effectiveness and consistency in the program delivery

Objective of the Himayat

Himayat is a placement linked skill development initiative for training and placement of 1 lakh J&K youth in the next 5 years.

What are the good and services that the Himayat seeks to provide:

a) Under Himayat 1
,00,000 youth from Jammu and Kashmir will be given training and placement over the next five years.


Number of youth to be trained

Pilot + Year I


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5



b) As per the Himayat Programme Guidelines, the MoRD partners with NGOs/Professional Agencies (referred to as Project Implementing Agencies i.e. PIA) through the signing of an MoU, where the latter are responsible for:
i) Mobilization of the youth between the age group of 18-35 years in the area and selection of candidates suitable for training

ii) Design a training module on domains like retail, hospitality, IT, communication, BPO etc

iii) Impart the training to the selected youth for a duration of 3 months

iv) Facilitate placement of trainees in entry level jobs, both within and outside Jammu and Kashmir. The PIA is mandated to ensure that at least 75% of the trained youth are placed in jobs on the completion of their training

v) Ensure post placement support to the placed candidates for a period of 2 months, after being successfully placed  

c) Priority will be given to youth who are school drop-outs, have studied up to 10th class or 12th class and those who are college drop-outs.

d) Each youth will be tracked for a one year period after placement as well.

Who will be eligible to benefit from the services provided by Himayat?

Any youth who is a proved resident of Jammu and Kashmir and is between the age group of 18-35 years are eligible to avail the services of Himayat

Job Chart and powers vested with the various officials concerned with implementation of the Scheme

A full time team responsible for implementing the Himayat Programme has been positioned in Jammu and Kashmir to head the Himayat Mission Management Unit

Mr. Manicka Raj
State Representative of NRLM


Director, JKEDI-Himayat Mission Management Unit

Rules/Regulations/Instructions/Manuals/Records held by the office or used by its employees for discharging their functions

All relevant documents and guidelines are uploaded at

Budget allocated, source of funds, particulars of all plans

total of Rs 235 crore has been allocated by the Ministry of Rural Development for the Himayat for the FY 2011-2016.
Funding Pattern of the Himayat
 Programme, is as indicated below:



Component I: Normal MoRD

Funding under SGSY

Component II: MoRD SEE for J&K

Cost incurred by MoRD under SGSY

Rural BPL


70.59 crore




164.71 crore

Rural APL




Urban BPL




Urban APL




Cost Norms of the Himayat Programme, is as indicated below:

 Sr. No


Maximum Cost – ( Rs. Per beneficiary)


Training cost, mobilization of beneficiaries, Curriculum, Training of Trainers, Utilities, Infrastructure, Equipment, Teaching aids, raw materials, etc.



Irrespective of sectors or coverage the maximum permitted training cost will be:

3 months - Rs 28800 per head

 6 months – Rs 28,200 per head

 9 months – Rs 36,660 per head

The cost is exclusive of monitoring charges of agencies like NIRD, NABARD etc.

Per beneficiary cost for 3 month training includes handholding, placement @ Rs. 2000 per month for period of six months. For 6 month / 9 month projects it includes a post placement support of Rs.1000/- pm for 2 months (i.e., Rs. 2000/-)

Boarding & lodging / to and fro transport of trainees @ Rs. 50 per day


Boarding & Lodging or food and to and fro transport of trainees


Assessment & Certification


Placement Linkage


MIS & Tracking/monitoring


Institutional overheads (Admn. Costs) maximum up to 10% of the total project cost.


Assistance during post placement settlement support for trainees.

The total share of the budget allocated for the FY 2011-2012 which has been sanctioned to the PIAs for the duration of the projects is available at:

Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits, authorizations granted by implementing authority

The Himayat Unit has not granted any particular tax concession, land concession, permit etc to a private entity

Latest press releases, advertisements for bids, circulars and letters

All the latest press releases, circulars and letters are uploaded real time on the Himayat Website at 
All the
 MoUs that have been signed between the MoRD and the PIAs are uploaded on the website as well. 

Name and Contact details of the Public Information Officer designated for the Himayat?

All RTI queries related to the Himayat are to be addressed to:

Mr.Anil Subramaniam
Ministry of Rural Development
Government of India
Phone: 011-24109866
Address: Aajeevika Skills, Capart office, Lodi Road, New Delhi

What is the complaint redressal mechanism within the Himayat?

The Himayat Team is in the process of developing a call
 center at Jammu and Kashmir to receive complaints from stakeholders and beneficiaries.  The people manning the Call Center will be responsible for:

·         Record the grievance/query

·         Issue a dated acknowledgement of the grievance/query received via SMS/Email/Post

·         Forward the grievance/query to the officer concerned with its redressal, while simultaneously updating the complaint filed into the Himayat MIS

·         The concerned officer is mandated to redress the grievance within a stipulated period of time and forward the action taken report to the complainant, subsequent to which the complaint will stand closed.

In addition the contact details of all the PIAs stationed in J&K for implementing the Himayat are available on the website, to facilitate the citizens’ access to the training

In addition, the complaint redressal mechanism adopted by the NRLM as detailed in its Citizens
Charter, will also be adhered to by the Himayat Mission Management Unit.


What are the benefits that trainees under Himayat are entitled to?

Each course under Himayat has to be for a minimum duration of 3 months

        Each training session will mandatorily consist of:

Basic English

Basic IT Skills for a minimum duration of 60 hours

        Residential facilities for the trainees will be provided for the duration of the training by the PIA

        If residential facilities are not provided by the PIA, an allowance of Rs 50 for every day attended will be credited directly to the bank account of the trainee every 15 days by the PIA

        Subsequent to the completion of training, successfully placed after 3 month training are entitled to receive post placement support worth Rs 2000 for 6 months , on submission of salary slips

Youth on completion of training of longer duration training like 6 month / 9  month will be placed with a a minimum start up salary of Rs.8000/- / Rs.12,000 pm. These youth will be entitled for a post placement support of Rs.1000/- pm for 2 months.

        The PIA will open a bank account for each trainee

        Each trainee will receive an ID card by the PIA

        On the completion of the training, each trainee is entitled to be certified by a certified agency

        Training, Books, Note-Books and other Study Material will be provided by the PIA for the duration of the training programme, free of cost


If the trainee is not receiving the above entitlements he/she can call the Himayat Helpline at 01933-222364  

The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information

All the relevant information pertaining to Himayat is available at the Himayat website at



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