About Himayat

What is Himayat Project?

•  Himayat is a training-cum-placement programme for unemployed youth in Jammu and Kashmir.Youth will be provided short-term training for at least 3 months, in a range of skills for which there is good demand. At the end of the training, the youth are assured of a job and there is one year post-placement tracking to see how they are faring. 

•  The scheme aims to train 1,00,000 youth in 5 years and will provide atleast 75,000 of them with jobs.Placements will be largely in the service sector both in J&K and outside the state.

•  Under Himayat,training centres will be established in all blocks of J&K in next 5 years.


Why Himayat ?


Jammu & Kashmir has shown high economic growth but has looking for opportunities for education and employment. Frequent disturbances have created an atmosphere of uncertainty,impacting employment creation which has alienated.

Despite economic growth, Jammu & Kashmir has a large number of unemployed youth. Almost 6 lakh people are unemployed. A special scheme was required to address the needs and aspirations of the youth.For this,SEE J&K-Himayat has been introduced.This scheme caters to all youth from low-income families, and gives priority to those who have low educational qualifications



Key Features 

•  Himayat will be implemented by private companies or NGOs.
•  The scheme aims to train 1,00,000 youth in 5 years and provide atleast 75% of them with jobs.
•  Training centres will be developed in each block (geographical area),catering to the specific needs of the local youth.
•  Support willbe available for trainees after training,during placement as well  
•  The longterm aim of the programme is for the centres to be run by the community and the capabilities transferred to them.

Helping Youth Achieve 

Who is it run by? 


The programme has been developed and initiated by the Ministry of Rural Development. Himayat will be implemented by private companies or NGOs who will conduct the training and will be responsible for placement of youth.

Who is eligible? 

To be eligible for this scheme you must be: 

•  Any youth from J&K between the age of 18-35

•  School/ college drop-outs will be given priority.

What training is part of the scheme?

Initial entry-level training will be provided for atleast 3months and up on completion of training trainees will be placed in companies.The training will include computer-oriented skills, soft skills and English communication skills, as well as the technical skills needed for a particular job.

What is the expected outcome of the training?

The expected outcome is to place a minimum of 75% of the trainees in entry-level service/manufacturing sector jobs. These placements will be within  and outside Jammu and Kashmir. By September2011, the J&K pilot project had trained 416 youth,and 300 of them were placed in companies like Cafe Coffee Day, V-Mart,Bajaj Alliance, Airtel Call Centre, Best Price(Bharti Walmart). Uninor,Domino's Pizza, Easy Day, Eureka Forbes, Pizza Hut, Hotel Miraj, Mafoi Consultancy,HotelRotana,Khyber Hospital and NIIT Technologies.

What support is available after the training?

The following support shall be available after training, during placement for a period of one year.

Rs.2000/- pm as post placement support to working youth on completion of 3 month training for a period of 6 months (i.e., 12000/-) on submission of salary slip as proof of continuing in jobs.


Rs.1000/- pm as post placement support to working youth on completion of 6 month / 9 month training for a period of 2 months (i.e., 2000/-) as these youth will be placed with a higher start up salary of Rs.8000/- & Rs.12,000/- pm.

Think you want to be part of Himayat?

You can be a private sector company, trainer or a youth in J&K looking for training. 

Contact us at: 

Email      : himayat.org

Phone    : +91-9596693809

Message from Union Minister of Rural Development


It is a matter of great personal pride for metolaunch Himayat.This initiative forms a core component of the Ministry of Rural Development's programme forthe economic development of Jammu&Kashmir. This region enjoys a unique capacity for growth and prosperity that has yet to be tapped. Himayat seeks to tap that very economic potential through the youth of Kashmir.

The programme aims to bring about long term change in the region by training individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 and helping them find gainful employment in the region itself. In furtherance of this objective Training Centres shall be constructed in all blocks of Jammu & Kashmir over the next 5 years. These Centres will provide key resources such as training modules and information databases.

It is our goal, over the span of the next 5 years to identify and train close to 100,000 young men and women, and to place them in jobs which best suit their skills and interests. The programme continues to chart the progress of these individuals for one year after they have been trained and placed.

In addition to the above,the programme will provide all manner of assistance in helping young men and women from rural districts to acclimatize to other districts where they may be placed.

Himayat will be implemented with the aid of private companies or Non-Governmental Organisations. I am pleased to learn that already a number of those trained under this programme have successfully found employment under a wide range of premier organisations.

I have no doubt that this programme will mark an important milestone in the region's march towards peace,prosperity and harmony.




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